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Umico Industry is the leading exporter of garments and woollen products in Nepal. The farmers cultivate cotton plants in the west for thread or yarn to produce cotton products. In spite of heavy rainfall and scorching sun the farmers harvest cotton plants and spin to produce raw cotton thread.  After  the collection of the bolls different sizes of yarn and designed garments are produced on handlooms. Nepalese garments are the products of men and women of low economic backgrounds from the mountainous and terai parts of the country.

All Umico clothes are handmade in Nepal. We make cotton garments, woollen products and knitted products in Nepal. We have been working on this (designing, producing, exporting and wholesaling) for ten years. All fabrics are natural, and hand dyed in different colors. Different techniques are used to work on the material.

The main objective is to make authentic clothes, not following other fashions, but visually very recognizable because of the use of a lot of handwork and own color choices and fabrics.

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